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Who We Are

The Almighty Lord knew about The Mighty Dove Foundation from the beginning of time.  He gave the vision of the organization to the Founders; Dr. Rolando and Mila Mercader back in the early 1990's.  The Lord has placed a fluency of His instructions and guidance for the purposes and specific Ministries He would like the Foundation to support. 

The Foundation, firmly built upon the Rock, is supported by income generating, revenue streaming businesses.  The businesses He created are operated by Christian Professionals who have been strategically, intentionally, precisely placed in the Marketplace. 

Stewardship of the gifts, talents, possibilities, and potential He has given, is the calling of cialis online generic all the Mighty Dove Christian Professionals working together in the Marketplace.

  • Change the decorations on your walls... Make it a wall of salvation and no more destruction will come to your land
    - 08/06/11 @ 03:50
  • when you are praying... hear the background music... it is finished, finished, finished, finished, finished, finished, finished.....
    - 08/06/11 @ 03:47
  • We are the head and not the tail... don't be dragged around by the world you are in... Influence where the Lord has placed you
    - 08/06/11 @ 03:30
  • The Lord wants you to name it, not describe it in a politically correct way... name the stronghold and bring it before the Name of All Names... and every knee will bow
    - 08/06/11 @ 03:26
  • Fasting from the world, you can intercept the thoughts of the Lord faster... so fast
    - 08/06/11 @ 03:19
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